The best way to hear about our events is to follow our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can join our mailing list by emailing subscribe ea-helsinki to We also have an active Telegram group where you can come chat with us, and where events are also announced.

Effective Altruism Helsinki’s most consistent activity is our monthly meetups that feature discussion on various topics. They typically land on the first Thursday of the month. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most of our activities take place on our Discord server.

In addition to attending our meetups, another good first step in getting involved is to fill in our membership application form. Membership is free! And because we want to get to know new people interested in effective altruism, the form gives you a chance to indicate that you’d be interested in having a 1-on-1 call with one of our organizers, so that we can get to know each other and you can ask any questions you have about effective altruism.

We will be running the second introductory program during the summer, with the applications opening at the start of June. The program is basically an 8-week introductory course on the core ideas of effective altruism, with each week consisting of a small group discussion about a couple hours of readings done beforehand. But there’s no exam, and there’s a particular emphasis on getting to know other people in the local community. The content is intended to help you better figure out what is the best way for you to do good in your life.

If you want to contribute to organizing our activities, or would like help and ideas for implementing your own effective altruism related project, you can join one of our co-working sessions, which take place every Wednesday starting 18:00 on our Discord.

We also have a career club of people who meet fortnightly to discuss self-improvement and short and long term career development on a more personal level. If you’d like to join the career club, you can bring it up in your 1-on-1, or send an email to!

We also occasionally organize workshops on topics such as career planning and decision-making skills.